Database maintenance: Reduce the size of a large database

Recently we help client to upgrade the program modules on an uniforms e-commerce website. The most interesting part was this site have been launched almost 4 years, its database over 2G along with 450,000 color and size combination records, sales records, visitor records. The visitor logs have been cleanup regularly in configuration though, but the database still like a giant monster because of numbers of daily visitors. That would take more than 1 hour to export the database and transfer to the developer server.


Setting up Google Analytics on your website

Google Analytics overview

Google Analytics is a free but powerful Google service which allows the web site administrators to monitor their web sites' traffic, audience details and visitors behavior. That helps web admin learning their customers well.


Customize your In-Site Search Engine property on eCommerce site

Customize search

We recently received a question about How to make Stock Number or Product Description as searchable content. Answer to this question is quite simple, only few seconds you can easily define which Product Attribute can be search on the storefront.


How to manage webmail accounts

You can easily create e-mail accounts from your hosting account's Control Panel (cPanel). Here is what you need to do: