Through this advanced training, our tutor will show you the useful techniques to maximize click-through rates from organic listings by understanding the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization. In this training, you'll be fully trained in the anatomy of search results, strategies for increasing your click-through rates and how to effectively measure the performance of your natural listings.



The “CMS” stands for Content Management System, it can be used for optimizing or re-designing the webpage contents. This training will be showing you the latest CMS technology. You are not limited to use this CMS skill sets on your current website, but also gives you a creative stage to create or re-design any website you might have in the future. You will be learning from the structure theory of CMS to advanced theme design on the CMS system. This training includes every corner of the Advanced CMS Techniques that you need to know.



No more spending months on waiting the designer delivers the eCommerce website to you. You can create your own eCommerce web system in a concise time. No one knows your business better than you, that’s the reason you can bring your site up to the table with the greatest product presentation. Our training tutors who with more than 15 years in helping Canadian and U.S. customer successfully built up their online eCommerce business.  The tutors will help you understand both coding skills and design techniques. This training covers all these skills through the up-to-date tutorial.



Filming and editing your Ad videos

Video Marketing has become the most effective advertising tool for any business, producing your advertisement video is one of the greatest ways to announce your business to a wide range of audiences. This Advertisement Filmmaking Training is an advanced training that including 2 significant parts in order to produce your advertisement video: Filming your advertisement videos and Editing the videos for Video Marketing.

The advanced techniques to film the advertisement videos for your business

Video marketing is a great strategy that every small business owner should consider. Not only is this form of marketing effective for increasing sales and brand recognition, but it’s also preferred by customers rather than the plain image graphics. 

Video editing to tell your business story

This professional training concentrates primarily on video editing techniques. You will be learning how to focus on editing your video footages and arrange the video timeline to tell the audience how great the product or service you provide.



If a photo worth a thousand words, then a video would be carrying much more value to your business. That’s the basis of video marketing, a most effective marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your marketing campaigns.

Through the Video Marketing Training, you will learn the significant skills to use the up-to-date “V-blogging” and “VSEO” techniques for promoting your brand, services or products. Additionally, you will be learning the video marketing for customer service, liked "how-to…", customer testimonials and live-stream events, etc.



Business Branding is a symbol, which designed for representing your business, your professional services or the product quality you offer. It meant to package all of your service highlights, customer experiences and company characteristics into a visual abstract.

Whether you are rebranding or starting fresh, this Branding Training includes the most useful skill sets that you should know to emphases your branding by Color Scheme, Business Character, Logo Consistency and Visual Appearance on website or actual VI materials. Successful Branding helps people differentiate between you and the competitors, and quickly judge on your business by the branding quality.