Stay Safe Online

Wifi everywhere, WannaCry Attack, Malware issue, you won’t even realize while your business data or personal information got stolen online. The best security technology in the world can't help you unless you understand your roles and responsibilities in safeguarding sensitive data and protecting company resources. This training will involve putting security firewall and policies in place that promote security level and training employees to be able to identify and avoid risks. This training including Penetration Testing which shows you the real word hacker attacks and measures the cyber security level of your company. Learn how to protect your business on the Internet before you lose the valuable data.



Create your own website system training 

No more spending months on waiting the designer deliver the website to you. You can create your own business website or eCommerce web system in a concise time. No one knows your business better than you, that’s the reason you can bring your site up to the table with the best contents. When you're building a website, you need both basic coding and design skills. Our training tutors with more than 15 years in helping Canadian and U.S. customer successfully build up their online business.  The training also includes the significant chapters that help you understand the search engine optimization and how to create your own animations. This training covers all of these skills through the up-to-date tutorial.

Maintain your web server

The best practice is you own your web hosting and manage the online business data without the 3rd party involved. This training shows you how to establish a necessary hosting environment for your website and maintain the hosting quickly and efficiently for your organization. In this web server training course, you gain an introduction to basic configurations for a web server and learn how to enable URL rewriting and encrypting communication with HTTPS.



Google SEO eMarketing Training Series

Through these training series, you will learn how to maximize click-through rates from organic listings by understanding the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization. In this training, you'll be fully trained in the anatomy of search results, strategies for increasing your click-through rates and how to effectively measure the performance of your natural listings.

Match Customers with The Information They're Searching For

Many merchants' site search tools don't fulfill the promise of delivering meaningful results. Learn how to use your website's on-site search data to better understand your customers, their needs and their intent, and how to properly leverage site search to help customers find what they're searching for.

The Rules and Tools for Successful Customer Engagement

Our training tutor teaches you the strategies on how to create personalized shopping experiences and customer interactions that drive repeat sales and brand loyalty. In this training, you will learn tips which can be used to engage today's technology-empowered customers — and turn more interactions into transactions.

Ten Tips for Turning More Online Visitors into Real Sales and Increase Your Average Order Value

Our training tutor shows you the most significant tips even the most seasoned merchants can use to improve their conversion rates through evaluating and optimizing their site's entire shopping experience. You will be learning the five simple and inexpensive strategies to increase your average order value (AOV) by optimizing and personalizing the shopping experience.

Practical Training: Why Customers Don't Buy My Products

In this training, an IPSOS study was conducted to directly ask consumers about their awareness of shopping cart technology, expectations for marketing when a cart is abandoned and what helps to encourage consumers to revisit and purchase. Through our new shopping cart report system, you can learn and analysis the Abandon Cart Report, Most Viewed Product Reports, Most Searched Product Reports, etc. The training tutor shows you how to read these data and be the master of your online sales.